Olya Gary

I'm a designer, photographer, world traveler, book warm, and a day dreamer. Long time ago I realized that one's life goes by so fast that every moment of it counts. So I picked a camera and never really put it down since then. Even when I don't photograph, I make the mental pictures in my head all the time. "The Moment It Clicks" by amazing Joe McNally is one of the books I cherish and I try to follow his advice not to miss a moment. Maybe because I design the websites for doctors for living, I've adopted "Do not harm" philosophy for my photography. A bad photograph can do a lot of damage, and harm a self-esteem, a reputation, and yes, the environment as well. A good photograph can make someone's happy - and that's what I would like my works to do. I have a formal training in graphic and web design and the darkroom was a part of my curriculum. I've completed some of the courses in an MFA in photography program. I'm a "generalist" - I don't have a particular "thing" that I focus my lens on (unless it's an assignment or work related), but photographing people has been the biggest challenge and reward at the same time. Oh wait, I do have a "thing" - it's a left eye that I focus on!

I'm humbled  that I had a chance to exhibit and win some awards:

2021- My "In Spotlight" portfolio will be published in B&W Magazine in April 2021

2019 - 3 prints selected for a California 2D Competition at the Triton Salon

2019 - a print selected for "Contemporary Portrait" Horton Gallery, Delta College, Stockton

2019 - "Award of Merit" Online Gallery for "Outstanding excellence in the fine art of photography" International Juried Member Exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art (online and printed catalog)

2019 - San Mateo County Fair: 'Best of Show" in Black & White category, 2nd place 'Carry the light' category, one 1st place, two 3 places, and two Honorable mention awards

2019 - 6 prints selected for a "Noir" exhibit, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto in April

2017 - San Mateo County Fair: two 1st places, one 2nd place, one 3rd place, and five Honorable mention awards

2017 - International Juried Exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art (online and printed catalog)

2017 - Multiple photos exhibited in California and Oregon fine art galleries

2015 - Several photos published in Stanford Continuing Studies catalog

2012 - National Geographic Travel Contest, Editor’s Picks of the Week

2008 - National Association for Photoshop Professionals, Editor’s Choice for landscape photo

Untitled photo
Untitled photo